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A Cornerstone of Community and American History


Enduring, proud and vigilant

This grand old house has witnessed many important developments over time.

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In 1884 Ketcham's is one of 2 farms that make up the town of Hollis
By 1906 Hollis is an investor's dream -location, location, location.
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Alex Campbell Milk

1890: The Ketcham farm is purchased by millionaire Alexander Campbell
a very prominent Dairyman who was the first to sell milk in bottles

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David Ketcham was school commissioner and as such addressed Jamaica High School
while D.W. Ketcham was a trustee of Jamaica Hospital amongst a slew of other
community based vocations.

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A Cornerstone of Community and American History


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Our story of The Ketcham House begins in 1849 when a 23 year old ❶ David Ketcham who hailed from a very old and distinguished Long Island family made the long trek from his hometown in Dix Hill, Long Island to East Jamaica and purchased a farm with a single dwelling (the Ketcham House) from successful merchant Henry Henderson.

His wife Mary Oakley was then with child and in time a house was built just a stone's throw away for their son Aaron Oakley Ketcham (the A. Oakley Ketcham house). A. Oakley who would marry into another distinguished Long Island family and father two sons, Frank Lott and David Warren; both boys also grew up on the farm.

The Ketcham House (along with the A. Oakley House) remained in the hands of the Ketcham family having been willed to grandson ❹ D. W. Ketcham .

Other residents of note are successful home builder/broker ❺ Charles Flores and his wife May Callahan [Flores] who was reputed to be the original "Gibson girl" and an outstandingly beautiful model who posed for "living pictures".

On our gallery pages, you will discover newpaper clippings, excerpts from other publications, portraits and other images, and even obituaries highlighting the events that shaped the lives of all the individuals who helped to bring The Ketcham House to life. Click Next > or select from our article menu above to explore this gallery.

    Newsmakers and the Ketcham House

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The Ketchams took their civic duties very seriously and played active roles in all the organizations that had community as their concern. They sat on various boards that governed the community, supported and developed their religious organizations and educational system. and D.W. Ketcham became a leading figure in his local Lions Club. Given the level of dedication offered by the Lions Club to the community, D.W. Ketcham was frequently revered in the press.

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