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We need each other right now!

Let's get together to protect what is ours!

We must have a say in what happens in our very own neighborhood!

Residents of Hollis!

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Hollis IS A Very Special place to live!

Hollis is a middle-class neighborhood with tree-lined streets, well-tended lawns, many single-family homes and fierce community pride….

Hollis had been home to many politicians & activitists, entertainers, athletes and other celebrities

Alone, we can do so little; TOGETHER, WE CAN DO SO MUCH!

But developers are trying to erode our community and tear down our historic homes!

Hollis is known for being home to many rappers. The hip-hop producer and icon Russell Simmons and the group Run-D.M.C are from Hollis. Other notable residents in the rap and entertainment industries include: LL Cool J, Ja Rule, Apani B, Ed Lover, Lee Q. O'Denat, DJ Hurricane, Black, Rock and Ron, Young MC. Jam Master Jay, Reverend Run, DMC.

Birthplace of Hip Hop!

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Preacher and activist Al Sharpton called Hollis home. He lived at 100-50 199 St. in Hollis and attended PS 134 and later JHS 109 in Queens Village. Other notable residents include Colin Powell, Mario & Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Young, Diane Patrick, Gregory Meeks, Lani Guinier, Byron Brown, Augustus A. Beekman.

Politicians & Activists

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Milwaukee Bucks Lew Alcindor (later known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ) resided at his parents' house on 205-03 104th Street. Hollis, NY. Other famous residents of Hollis include: Art Buchwald, Daymond John, Lord Burgess, Roy Eldridge, Phil Schaap, Milt Jackson, Royal Ivey, Roy Haynes, Brian Hardgroove, Jaki Byard .

Athletes & Other Celebrities

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United We Stand!

Let's WorK TOGETHER to Preserve OUR BEAUTIFUL, HISTORIC Neighborhood

Alone, we can do so little; TOGETHER, WE CAN DO SO MUCH!
Our Community Health Check Up!

Hollis Community Health Checkup!

Whether you have lived in the neighborhood since the 1960’s -- as so many of our residents have -- or have made Hollis your home within the last 10 years or so, it’s fair to say that we are all interested in living in the best community possible!

Have you given any thought to the health of our community?
Take this survey to see how we are doing here in Hollis.

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