Hollis Community Meet & Greet: From Strangers to Neighbors

 An Informed Neighborhood is an Empowered Neighborhood. Transform the strangers next-door into neighbors with whom we can share knowledge and empower our neighborhood.

I live in a beautiful old residential community called Hollis, Queens,  characterized by its unique historical houses and enduring family values.  Many concerned neighbors feel that our neighborhood is under fire, threatened by developers who are demolishing our longstanding historic homes and, in many ways, eroding our sense of community.

 In the spirit of "United We Stand," we want to take back our Neighborhood!

 And more importantly, there is an urgent NEED FOR US TO GET TO KNOW OUR NEIGHBORS.

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Why, you say

Because there is power in numbers and numbers come from unity.  And let's face it, we all share the same environment enjoying the same benefits while facing the very same challenges can interfere with our ability to live safely and comfortably. 

It is really important to be a part of the trusted circle that can be neighborhood. "People who live in connected communities support each other, share information that is trustworthy and easily actionable, and often motivate each other to adopt better lifestyle habits. Maintaining social connections with our neighbors can help us in myriad ways." src  

... nowhere is connection more important than in one’s own neighborhood. Health begins where we live, learn, work and play, among people who share our community and culture. - Moshe Pinto, CEO - Wilder Circle src

Think about it!  

01Neighbors can have your back.

  • Neighbors are right next door to you and can probably do a great job of keeping an eye out for you. You live long enough next to someone and you can pick up when something is not quite right. 
  • I bet you agree that there is safety in numbers. If we all start to keep our eyes and ears open and look out for one another, we will end up with an even safer and more supportive community for all to enjoy. 

02Can you think of a better way to acquire local knowledge?

  • There are folks who have lived on your street probably for decades and have learned the ins and outs of the place. Who best to pass that knowledge on to you? 
  • Opportunities are always coming up for the community. In a connected neighborhood once a neighbor knows about important events and opportunities and shares, then everyone will become informed making for a much more empowered community. 

On October 16th 2022, there was a Hollis Community Meet and Greet outdoor event which provided an opportunity for residents to spend fun time in the company of neighbors.   OUR COMMUNITY MEET AND GREET will now be A MONTHLY EVENT so residents can have fun opportunities to meet up with neighbors next door.

 hollis meet greet logo

A "HOLLIS COMMUNITY MEET AND GREET GAMES NIGHT" is set for November 26th, 2022.  View HERE

Resident Support is Crucial!

The Hollis Community Meet and Greet are by the neighbors for the neighbors, a way for neighbors to share positive experiences and create long-lasting memories.  The support of the residents is integral to the sucess of these events.

Please help us to unite our community so the uniqueness of our grand old neighborhood, HOLLIS, can be preserved and thrive long into the future.

And if you would like to help fund these neighborhood meet and greet events,

 Click Here to Make a Donation
 And Ensure the Success of These Events!

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated.

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