• A Day In The Life: An Introduction to Our Blog

    Thank you for visiting.  Throughout the years, we have had some remarkable and fun experiences here at The Ketcham House in Hollis, Queens.  In our series of blogs, we would like to share these great times with you. Do check here often for our latest post.

  • A Sudden Heart Attack Marks The End of This Ketcham Line

    Grandson of David Ketcham who bore the patriarch's name was just as civic-minded as his esteemed grandfather. David Warren Ketcham was born on the Ketcham farm and as an adult, he rose through the ranks of the banking community always doing more than his fair share to give back to the community at large. He was there at the burial of his grandmother, his brother, his father, his grandfather and his first wife and remained the last of this Ketcham line.

  • David Ketcham appointed as Secretary of Queens School Board & School Commissioner

    David Ketcham, a year short of his 80th birthday, still continues to play an integral part in the administration of the community during a time when the county of Queens decreases in size (with the loss of the town of Hempstead) and is eventually annexed to city of New York.

  • David Ketcham's Death Signals the End of An Era

    The passing of octogenarian David Ketcham, one of the oldest residents of Hollis, signals the end of an important era in the history of Queens county.

  • Famous Residents: The Original Gibson Girl & The Builder

    Frederick C Flores, a successful home builder, acquired the newly renovated former Ketcham farmhouse in about 1924.  May Callahan Flores, his wife, lived there for many years until she passed away in the home in January of 1953.

  • Hollis Community Meet & Greet: From Strangers to Neighbors

     An Informed Neighborhood is an Empowered Neighborhood. Transform the strangers next-door into neighbors with whom we can share knowledge and empower our neighborhood.

  • Ketcham House History

  • Mary Oakley Ketcham's Mishap At Home & Other Stories

    The Ketchams must have enjoyed the bounties of their home and their growing community, but research reveals that life did indeed present them with their share of challenges.

  • On Becoming A Nursery

    With the passing of one of the oldest residents of Hollis, the old Ketcham farmhouse assumes -- for a brief time -- the role of gardening nursery.

  • Prominent Businessman Wants to Make Ketcham Farm His New Home

    A wealthy businessmanfrom Brooklyn, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, fell in love with the beauty of the Ketcham property and purchased it with the aim of using the area for a residence as well as for his dairy business.

  • The Hollis Preservation Association

    Our voice is not being heard!  Please, Stop destroying our beautiful historic homes!  We want to reconnect with our neighbors and discover all the good works that is  going on in our community.

  • The Housing Boom: The Old Farmhouse Gets a New Lease on Life!

    With the coming of the 20th Century,beautiful Hollis became a boom town. Everyone wanted to live there, but it was very difficult to acquire property and housing as the community with its large widely spaced houses was situated in an ideal commuter's location. The Serolf Construction Companyrecognised a grand opportunity and bought the old Ketcham farmhouse, then nursery, to cash in on the land boom.  

  • The Ketchams: One of the Founding Families of St. Gabriel's

    The Ketchams are a founding family of one of the oldest churches in Eastern Queens, St. Gabriel's Episcopal church.


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