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Celebrating the age old TRADITION ☀f bringing
FAMILY & FRIENDS together under one roof. ☂

The Ketcham House Community
ALWAYS AT THE HUB   ❤   OF THE COMMUNITY!  :  ➀   Make NEW CONNECTIONS  ⚯ and BUILD FRIENDSHIPS with people from around the world.         ➁  JOIN GROUPS! :   and enjoy the exchange with other like-minded individuals!    ➂ ENJOY YOUR OWN PERSONAL SPACE   ☆  : EXPRESS YOURSELF! 💬 Share thoughts, photos, videos, music and more on YOUR OWN PERSONAL PAGE with a cool   ♫   MUSIC PLAYER! COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE GLOBE   ☆  : Enjoy FRIENDLY CHATS in our chatroom that is equipped with VIDEO, CHALKBOARD, CONFERENCE SPACE and lot more.     ☆   SPEAK OUT!   📣  : Engage in enlightening discussions at our FORUMS.
ALMOST 200 YEARS OF HISTORY!   ☆  : Join us as we celebrate the ANTIQUITY and VITALITY of this grand old house.     ☆     A HIDDEN TREASURE   ☆  : “It's something that has been somewhat overlooked by time and is a survivor and it's still here with us today.” --JASON ANTOS, Queens Historical Society

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